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Now Accepting Applications for Class of 2024 & 2025


You've heard it before: blink and you'll miss it! Caroline Feeney Photography's senior rep program is the perfect way to make sure you capture those cherished high school memories only in exchange for posting your awesome pictures and sharing them with your friends! 


What Do Senior Reps Receive?

Senior reps will receive a minimum of THREE complimentary photo sessions during the year. Sessions will include a back-to-school session, a homecoming/prom session (or other session of rep's choosing), and an end-of-the-year/graduation session!

What Do I Have To Do As A Senior Rep?

Junior and Senior year is usually busy - I get it! All that is required of you as a senior rep is to schedule and attend the photo sessions with me and then get to posting! Senior reps will be required to make a total of 5 social media posts per semester (fall and spring) but, of course, are welcome to share more if they like!


How Do I Apply?

The application process is easy. Click the link to the google form below and hit submit!

Reps will be chose no later than August 1, 2023.

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